LuN Heft 77: Ecology and conservation of Bats in towns and Villages

Landschaftspflege und Naturschutz Heft 77

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Bats live in nearly all villages and hamlets. Their daytime refuges are in or on buildings, primarily in crevices in roofs. Some species depend on finding open attics. Many of these bat roosts are currently endangered or already destroyed and new roosts rarely replace them. Special protection measures are therefore essential.

In order to investigate the requirements of bats in their habitat more accurately, intensive observations were carried out in the area around the town of Marburg for five years and 15,000 bats were individually banded. New insights into the secret life of these flying mammals could be achieved during hundreds of nights and via several thousand recaptures.

This report sums up the research results. They cover new insights into the distribution of different species, their roosts requirements, spatio-temporal behaviour and population structure. The phenomenon of invasions of common pipistrelles into apartments could also be unriddled. The picture that emerges is that roosts in and on buildings cannot be viewed individually and in isolation. Bats use many roosts within a landscape that they know intimately and often fly through. The research project provides practical methods to protect and care for our bats in villages and towns.

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Artikelnr. 072077
ISBN 978-3-7843-3619-0
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Verlag BfN
Erschienen 2004
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Autor Bundesamt für Naturschutz (Herausgeber)

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