NaBiV Heft 3: European Instruments of Environmental Protection

Naturschutz und Biologische Vielfalt Heft 3

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The present volume contains the proceedings of the international expert meeting on "European Instruments of Environmental Protection". The meeting took place on 6 to 8 March 2003 in the St. Marienthal conference centre in Ostritz, Germany.

Presentations and workshops centred on experience gathered in implementing and applying nature conservation instruments in accordance with European law. The meeting provided a platform for exchange among representatives of responsible ministries, relevant academic institutions and professional organizations in the European Union accession countries, the Environment Directorate-General and the European Environment Agency of the EU, and German experts.

Instruments of European law debated at the meeting included the Habitats Directive, the SEA Directive, the Water Framework Directive and the European Landscape Convention. Landscape planning, being the key planning instrument under German nature conservation law, was debated in its function as "environmental framework planning", and compared as such with the instruments of EU environmental law.

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Artikelnr. 073003
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